Most people can learn from their own mistakes. But these mistakes need to be realized. Based on a weekly nutritional analysis, I can help you with that. You just record your weekly diet in detail (what, how much and when you eat, and how you prepare your meals) and I will point out your bad eating habits and deficiencies in your diet and suggest changes and healthier alternatives to your diet.

You can choose from 2 options
  • basic analysis includes verbal assessment and suggestions for changes
  • detailed analysis includes a detailed calculation of energy intake (calories) and assessment of dietary habits from different perspectives (balance, regularity, proportionality, timing, etc.) with a detailed evaluation in the form of a pdf file


* This service is also available through electronic communication (WhatsApp, Skype, email,…).

This service is fundamentally based on communication with the client, according to their current eating habits and their preferences. All diet plans are tailored to the individual. In my practice, there is nothing like a “unified menu for everyone”.

Guiding principles in compiling diet plans
  • according to the client’s goals and preferences
  • selection of the healthiest alternatives of individual foods according to the strictest criteria
  • I recommend only a natural, untreated and non-toxic diet with a high nutritional value
  • whether it’s food or nutritional supplements, I always recommend the highest quality to my knowledge and experience
  • at compiling a diet plan I put emphasis on the way of food preparation, possible food intolerance or allergy, supplementation of deficient vitamins and minerals in special diets (e.g. vegans) etc.


* This service is also available through electronic communication (WhatsApp, Skype, email,…).

Weight loss programs include
  • gradual adjustment of the diet (without immediate drastic changes)
  • strength and fitness training to a reasonable extent
  • motivational methods and proper mindset


Main characteristics of the weight loss program
  • compiled individually according to the current state and realistic goals of a client
  • the gradual addition of healthier alternatives to inappropriate foods (we try to limit them, not necessarily eliminate them) – by no means, the point is a drastic reduction in energy intake or one-sided diet with the exclusion of whole food groups
  • the right timing of meals throughout the day is important while maintaining a degree of flexibility for busy clients
  • weekly meetings with an evaluation of the previous week and assigning tasks and challanges for the next week
  • client education (in the future you can keep the achieved changes only if you know how to make the right decisions in each situation)
  • effective motivation system coupled with competition for interesting and healthy prices


Enrolment and dates
  • register through Contact form and write in the message when you would like to start the program
  • with a sufficient number of candidates, the 3-month Weight Loss Program opens at the beginning of each month
  • price depends on the number of registered candidates
Lectures and discussion
  • Diet history and basic nutritional needs of man
  • Current problems and deficiencies of eating, and a look at the lifestyle of the healthiest cultures of the world
  • Evaluation of your own eating habits and 10 practical advice for better health
  • Principles of healthy eating on special diets – raw foodism, veganism, vegetarianism, paleo, ketogenic diet, etc.
  • Sports diet for quick regeneration and sports performance enhancement
  • Drugs and nutritional supplements – risks and benefits and how to make the right choice
  • Factors negatively affecting our health – how to avoid them
  • Natural treatment of lifestyle diseases
Basic topics for diet counseling
  • principles of healthy eating and the right food choices
  • weight reduction
  • gaining muscle mass
  • principles of healthy eating on special diets – raw food, veganism, vegetarianism, ketogenic diet, etc.
  • nutritional supplements – how to choose the highest quality and sufficient potency
  • sports diet for fast regeneration and increased sports performance
  • natural cancer treatment and alternative clinics in the world


* This service is also available through electronic communication (WhatsApp, Skype, email, etc.)

Price list


from 50 €

45 - 60 minutes
  • basic (50 €)
  • comprehensive (150 €)
  • includes consultation

from 100 €

week / month
  • for a week (100 €)
  • for a month (200 €)
  • 3 variations of main meals

25 €

30 minutes
  • one-on-one
  • a topic by your choice
  • recomendations in pdf

from 300 €

12 weeks
  • initial diagnostics
  • nutrition and training
  • regular monitoring

* Depending on the requirements, prices may vary. For more information, call +421 911 936 808 or Send an inquiry.

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